What are the key drivers promoting popularity of Saas payroll?

Saas Payroll is payroll software delivered and used online over a cloud. The offices are expanding beyond cubicles and this calls for cloud-based solutions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime with added benefit of enhanced mutual coordination amongst team members. Though Saas payroll is a comparatively newer concept, it is certainly becoming popular amongst companies with Deloitte and other biggies reported as its latest buyers. What is making it so popular? Let’s find out.

  1. Pay as you go model: Being a cloud based solution; the companies need not invest separately on the hardware and other infrastructural overheads to acquire it. The pay-as-you-go subscription model enables companies making need-based investment and thus, overall annual cost of maintaining software is greatly reduced.
  2. Hassle-free integration: Payroll management software based on cloud can easily be integrated with HR processes. The ease of integrating it with leave record or online attendance register allows preparing authentic and error-free records. Additionally, its compatibility with the existing systems makes it quicker to install without making big changes in the system environment.
  3. Scalable to the need: Since subscription models can be switched to at any point of time, there is no need to stick to a costlier one. Also, the ever-growing companies need solutions that are scalable to the varying needs and thus, a versatile solution can be obtained at much less cost.
  4. Easy upgrades: Cloud based Saas payroll managing tool automatically undergoes updation as and when these are available. The upgradation is a part of package and there is no additional cost required to be allocated for it. Thus, you always have the best solution in hand and there is no intricate process of upgradation involved.
  5. Quick and easy accessibility: All you need is an internet connected device to access the Saas payroll system. If you are stuck with some work outside the office, there will be facility of processing the payroll even while on the move. Thus, added mobility to the process is certainly a plus point.

All these reasons are making SaaS payroll installation a wise decision and all companies striving for the seamless and time-relevant way of working are embracing the concept with no hesitation.

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