Top Tips for Using Drones for Real Estate Marketing

Drones have opened new avenues in the real estate business. Thanks to aerial photography and videos, the real estate agents are now better able to showcase their listings and make potential customers fall in love with the property. However, with the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA rules in place, it is best for agents to keep the following tips in mind before entering the drone zone.

Know the strategy

You must have a plan ready on how to use the drone most effectively for your marketing efforts. Only adding a drone to your marketing strategy may not yield desirable results.

Know your requirements

Today, drones are available as specialized units for various businesses. For real estate, it is best to opt for good photography drones like the drones with the 4K camera, good hovering capabilities, etc. so that you can exploit it to its full potential. Again, before you become eligible to fly a drone, you need to procure a $10,000 pilot’s license and a $300-course fee which gives you a FAA certificate verifying your aeronautics knowledge.

Know the rules

It is essential to know all drone flying rules like you need to inform the FAA control tower if you are flying within five miles radius of it; know airspace restrictions like not flying anywhere near major airports and finally to be always within the operator’s line of sight. Simultaneously, you must also be aware of local rules and regulations if any and always stay updated with them.

Buy insurance

Even though the FAA has not made it mandatory, it is advisable to buy insurance to protect yourself in scenarios of accidents and repair work.

Give yourself a learning curve

Crashes and drones go hand in hand even for the experienced pilots. Thus, you should be prepared to give yourself at least a year of a learning curve before you are able to fly it above your listings efficiently to get a spot on videos.



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