The Most Common Issues With a Buffer Floor Machine

When it comes to a professional organization, the bottom line is the most important thing. And it can be difficult to fit renovations into a bottom line; after all, “if it isn’t broken, why fix it?” But that can lead to some complications when it comes to wear-and-tear; if renovations are ignored for long enough they can lead to more expensive repairs. Business owners may even find themselves being forced to renovate their entire business at once rather than partitioning it out in a more reasonable way. Businesses usually find expenses less costly if they are able to renovate themselves and if they renovate one thing at a time. This includes processes such as refinishing flooring rather than replacing it entirely – and once a business learns how to refinish its flooring, it can continue to do so for some time. Here are some things you might need to know about a buffer floor machine and using them for small business renovations and to extend the life of your floor.

Common Mistakes When Reflooring

Most initial mistakes regarding reflooring involves a misinterpretation of the amount of work that has to be put in and the options available. It can seem easier to simply refloor entirely, but most hardwood floors can be refinished to look just like new. This is the most affordable method, as it doesn’t involve the tearing out of existing flooring and it doesn’t change the appearance of the flooring, which has already been quantified in terms of value and public appeal. Though refinishing does require the acquisition of a buffer machine and the usage of it, this is still less work than trying to replace or cover the existing floor – such as covering it with carpet or linoleum. It should also be noted that not only solid hardwood can be refinished; thick enough engineered wood can be refinished as well, though usually only once or twice.

Many companies make some mistakes when it comes to using a buffering machine – especially the first time. Luckily solid hardwood is a very forgiving surface and many of these mistakes can be fixed, but it’s still advantageous to not make the mistakes at all. Buffering machines need to be used on prepared, cleaned floors; otherwise they may cause uneven surfaces or gouging. They may be used on already dulled floors, which could lead to a roughened surface, or they may simply not be swept across the floor appropriately, which leads to surfaces that will not take oils and finishing well. A buffering machine can even physically hurt an individual if not used per the directions, especially their lower back and core. When buffering machines are used on engineered wood, they can eventually work their way down to the surface.

Renting Machines vs. Purchasing

If a company is doing a significant amount of renovating all at once, then renting machines may be the most ideal solution; the company will need many machines and they will need them only for a certain interval. But otherwise a business may actually be better served through an investment in a single professional buffer floor machine, which can be used repeatedly and doesn’t have to be returned. This buffer machine can then be purchased used to further save on money.

Purchasing a buffer machine is going to be an outright expense which can then be depreciated over time; it’s a business expense in equipment and a capital expenditure. Renting machines will be another expense, but not depreciated, and an accountant can often determine which is ideal for the company’s bottom line. Professional buffer machines will often last quite a long time, so a company that expects to have future renovating needs is going to likely make significant use of it.

Most businesses that can refinish their floors should probably do so, as they can save substantially on money compared to replacing them. But as they do so, they should also create a solid plan that includes scheduled renovations and repairs, and that includes which equipment they want to purchase moving forward. By planning ahead, businesses can keep their premises looking their best – at the lowest possible expenditure of time and money. A good looking business will not only be able to capture the best customers but also the best talent.

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