Samsung Galaxy S9 will come with 8GB or 6GB RAM

OnePlus 5 has made a new standard by launching 8GB RAM in a smartphone, but Samsung doesn’t like to follow the trend, and now just going to bring Samsung Galaxy S9 with 6GB RAM. And chances for having 8GB ram are still less.

If talking about the storage in the present Galaxy devices. A requirement or request of the users of the Galaxy range has always been that it had a slot for micro-SD cards to be able to have a fast memory expansion for the videos and the photos mainly, in my experience it has been positive since in this way I was able to transfer the recorded videos to 4K to the computer in a fast way. Also if we have a camera with this type of memory we can insert it inside the phone to watch the videos directly. This feature is going to be the part of Samsung Galaxy S9 as well.

But the best option to have extra storage is that we can buy a 64Gb model today and if within six months we run out of storage space it is not necessary to sell and buy a new phone; or what is even more annoying: to be eliminating photos and videos; but we can just buy a micro-SD card up to 256Gb, and we will have up to four times more memory than the factory. Again we have options and maximum versatility so that the user has the possibility of a decision, and this I like. If you will buy the Galaxy S9 in more storage version then we don’t think you will require the SD card.

I have been testing some Samsung smartphones for years and I see as they are increasingly clean in terms of applications and layers, in this version we have a fairly flat Android, i.e. Samsung has not added excessive modifications, remember that it is about Android 7 Nougat, factory installed, we do not have to make modifications or strange installations, perhaps one of the aspects that more panic gives us iOS users. And, yes Apple is not like premium as of Samsung Galaxy smartphone; Samsung Galaxy S9 will clearly define the new premium-ship.

Something I did not like is that there is no uniformity in the video players; if we enter in we will have a type, in Netflix another type. I in an app like YouTube of another type something that as an iOS user I think I always use the same interface, buttons and placement of the buttons facilitates the use. New aspect ratio is magical for a few thing but nightmare for a few. So, Galaxy S9 should come with fixed things.

There are other rumours that define the work of Samsung, and it starts with an interesting design configuration, which will be followed by the massive hardware and spectacular features in the Samsung Galaxy S9.



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