Know When to Order Correctly With Procurement Module of CRM

Businesses run on inventory, if you track them down to the core level. Because being able to complete order on time is the only way to stay in business, nothing can replace that. So, having a reliable support and sharp eye on the materials movement is essential. Over-buying leads to space crisis and under-buying can bring operations to halt. Here is how CRM can help avoid this situation.

  • Purchase invoice management

Procurement module of CRM allows the user to create supplier invoice instantly. User can create unlimited purchase orders using this module and have a bird’s eye view of materials’ status. Managers can also create PDFs of invoices for future reference.

  • Order management

The users can manage orders by setting the reorder level. They can integrate the consumption record with the module and have clear record of the materials without doing physical verification. Apart from setting reorder level, the user can track the order too and have arrangements made for its receipt and storage.

  • Custom PDF templates

Users can create professional templates for sending invoices to the customers if they are supply vendors. All fields can be customized and business logo can also be uploaded for a more professional look.

  • Inventory management

A receipt can be produced from the purchase order and new inventory can be allotted to the customer orders. In the process, consumption is recorded and monitored till it reaches the reorder level. Thus, the module is helpful in monitoring inventory movement too.

  • Sophisticated vendor management

A complete view of vendor activities and their existing relationship with the organization is available in the vendor management module. All products provided by the customers, past purchases etc are maintained correctly in this module.

Thus, make procurement a fool-proof process with vendor management module and have better control over materials and their movement.


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