How To Find The Real Reason Why Your LCD Is Not Working Perfectly

Liquid Crystal Display or LCD monitors are so useful in office and home. This technology has lowered the necessary amount of desk space for monitors. It also significantly lowers the rate of energy consumed. If you feel that your LCD screen is ending, then it could be due to several reasons. Learning about these symptoms will help you figure out the reason behind poor functioning of your LCD.

Your LCD TV fails to give adequate amount of brightness

If you find that recently your television experience is becoming dull, then you need to troubleshoot your LCD display. For this, you will be required to switch off your LCD display, cellular phone or media player. Now, wait for a minimum of thirty seconds. Once it passes, you can then switch on the unit again. Sony is considered to be the best-selling brand in LCD Television.

Observe the time duration it requires for the LCD screen to reach to its full brightness. If you find that it requires a considerably longer time period to reach to its maximum full brightness, or if it gets dimmer with the passing time, then it means that the back-display light needs replacement.

All it needs is to take the device to the closest service center and ask a technician to get the lamp replaced. Xiaomi is one of the brands that manufacture high class LCD televisions with advanced features and reasonable warranty at competitive prices.

Dead pixels appearing dark on white regions
If you find this problem, then you need to follow few steps:

  • Observe the screen with an “all-white screen”.
  • Now open any application that looks largely white on the LCD screen.
  • Scan each region of the LCD screen very closely with your eyes.
  • Start with the upper left-hand corner of your LCD screen and then move your eyes slowly towards the right. End in the upper right corner.
  • Now gradually look down the screen and scan it with eyes in a wavy fashion i.e., left to right, and right to left as you reach the lower level of the screen.
  • Find out if any “dead pixels,” appear darker on any white regions on the screen. Dead pixels are an indication that the LCD grid is at the verge of its end. You must seek technical support to resolve this case

Blotches on the screen

If you find any sort of blotches on the screen, then you must visit an authorized service center to get your device examined. The reason for appearance of blotches is that LCD screen may have got ruptured in a given area. This will need either a full-fledged LCD grid replacement or a purchase of a brand-new monitor. is India’s most popular price comparison website that covers several types of products such as Mobiles, Cameras, Refrigerators, Tablets, AC, TV’s, Laptops, Washing Machines, Books and much more.


Besides television, LCD display technology is very much used in portable media players and cellular phones. With use, LCD display can lead to malfunctioning. Proper identification of these issues would help in best resolution.

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