Helping Clients Brag About You Will Grow Your Recruitment Business

A crucial element of growing any recruitment business is recommendation, by way of referrals, reviews and testimonial.

No matter what business – real estate, dental care, car sales, or recruitment –  business and personal consumers rely first on their friends, family and colleagues for suggestions on the right firm. The second most prominent persuader – used by 84 percent of decision makers – is online review and testimonial.  If you don’t gather testimonial and respond well to online reviews, you don’t have a good handle on how to grow a recruitment business.

Tips on gathering testimonial:

  • Ask for the testimony at the moment your client gives you positive feedback. As soon as that client says, “You did a great job. New employee x is terrific!” say, “Would you mind giving me a testimonial? It would only take a few minutes, and I’m happy to mention your business services.”
  • If an in-person conversation, do have your phone or other easy video capture equipment handy, and create a video testimonial. Share this everywhere – on social media, your website, and your blog. If there’s an upcoming event, award, or other reason for a press release, weave in the testimonial.

Tips on handling online reviews:

  • A company whose online reviews are always five-star is a company that is probably paying for less-than-genuine reviews. Most consumers know this, and shy away from these firms. So, If a client or two gives your recruiter or your agency a less than stellar review, don’t panic. It only serves to keep things real, and trustworthy. Of course, if reviews are consistently three-star or lower, it’s time to assess your staff and services.
  • Never ignore a bad review. Unlike the real world, online reviews don’t go away when ignored. Sometimes they even take on a life of their own, breeding other bad reviews. “I know what you mean. I had the same bad experience” comments, for example. Never personally attack the reviewer. The best response is “I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience. We’re going to make this right by (whatever offer you can make – a new employee search at no charge, for example).” Then – and this is crucial – take further conversation offline. You might say, “I’d like to call you; I want to hear more about what happened, and discuss how we can make the necessary changes to avoid this in the future. When’s the best time to talk?” or some such.

Soliciting and sharing stories of client satisfaction is a key element of how to grow a recruitment business. Brag about your successes, but make sure you encourage your clients to brag as well.

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